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Now we will talk about the uniqueness of tribal life Bugis in Sulawesi. Precisely tribe is in Makassar, South Sulawesi.  Beginning Bugis is a tribe belonging to the Deutero Malay tribes. Go to the archipelago after the first wave of migration from mainland Asia precisely Yunan.  The word "Bugis" comes from the word To Ugi, which means the Bugis. Naming "ugi" refers to the first king of the Chinese empire is on Pammana, Wajo today, namely La Sattumpugi.

When the people of La Sattumpugi call themselves, they refer to their king. They called themselves as To Ugi or people or followers of La Sattumpugi. He is the father of Sattumpugi We Cudai and brothers with Batara Lattu, father of Sawerigading. Sawerigading itself was the husband of We Cudai and bore several children including La Galigo.

These figures are described in the Sure 'Galigo the initial formation Bugis civilization in general. While in the Lontara 'it contains noble family lineage and their descendants, and wise counsels to guide people bugis in this life. Its contents are more likely on the set of social norms messages, how to relate to others well apply to the local community as well as when the Bugis go wander abroad.

History of the Bugis people are very long, in the texts of literary history as La Galigo and Lontara 'beginnings of civilization is told both Bugis people, future kingdoms, culture and spirituality, culture, and genealogy of the noble families. This suggests that the culture and customs of this should always be maintained as a form of inheritance from a common ancestor Bugis people are certainly full of positive values​​.

But this time also found a lot of value shifts that occur both in understanding and implementing the concept and principles of ade '(indigenous) and the culture of the real Bugis society. Culture siri 'that should be adhered to and enforced in positive values​​, has now faded. In human life Bugis-Makassar, siri 'is a principal element in them. No one was the most precious value to be defended and preserved in the earth than siri '.

For Human Bugis-Makassar, siri 'is their soul, their pride, and their dignity. Therefore, to uphold and defend siri 'which is considered polluted or contaminated by others, the Bugis-Makassar people are willing to sacrifice anything, including the most precious soul for the sake of siri' in their lives. Because of the Bugis community scattered fertile plains and coast, then most of the Bugis community living as farmers and fishermen. Livelihood of interest is the Bugis traders.

The unique arts Bugis tribe Indonesia is Expertise in Bugis sail the ocean is quite well known, and their overseas territories also to Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar and South Africa. In fact, on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa there is a suburb called Maccassar, as a sign of local residents remember their ancestral lands. The conflict between the monarchy and the Bugis Makassar and Bugis royal neighbor conflicts in the 16th century, 17, 18 and 19, cause not calm South Sulawesi. 

This causes many people to migrate Bugis especially in coastal areas. Furthermore culture is also driven by the desire to wander independence. Happiness in Bugis tradition can only be achieved through freedom.

Arts and culture Bugis tribe.

One area that is inhabited by Bugis district Rappang Sidenreng. District Sidenreng Rappang abbreviated as Sidrap is one district in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The capital of the district is located in Pangkajene Sidenreng. The district has an area of ​​2506.19 km2 and a population of approximately 264,955 inhabitants. Native of this area is the Bugis who obediently serve and uphold the tradition of mutual respect and mutual help. Everywhere can easily be found building a large mosque and permanent. But there are still areas where there is a belief that an idol called 'Tau Lautang' which means' Southern People.

These people worshiped idols in a day in a cave or a mountain or a sacred tree. However, in the KTP (identity cards) their religion is Hinduism listed. They claim to pray 5 times, fasting, and tithing. Despite the fact that they still adhered to animism in their area. Today, these beliefs and many live in areas Amparita, one of the districts in Sidrap.

In Sidrap Prominent scholars have lived a fairly famous Bugis during Addatuang Sidenreng and Addatuang Rappang (Addatuang = sort of district administration in the past) called Grandma Mallomo '. He's not from the royal family, but the cleverness in the governance and administration of state law made ​​his name famous enough. A legal order that is still enshrined in Sidenreng namely: Naiya Ade'e De'nakkeambo, de'to nakkeana. (Translation: it does not know the real ADAT Father and Son do not know). Grandma's words of wisdom were issued Mallomo 'ethnic Bugis is a highly value self-esteem and dignity. This tribe is very avoid actions that lead to lower self-esteem or dignity of a person. If a family member act that shames the family, then he will be expelled or killed. 

However, this tradition has faded in this day and age. No more families who can kill members of her family simply because they do not want to bear the shame and certainly illegal. While shame is still revered by the indigenous people mostly Bugis.
Dance Art of Unique Bugis Tribe Indonesia

• Dance rainbow; dance pabbakkanna lajina or called asking for rain dance.

• Dance Paduppa Bosara; dances that portray the Bugis people if arrivals bosara always serve as a sign of gratitude to god and honor

• Dance Pattennung; dance tradition depicting women weaving thread into cloth. Symbolizes patience and perseveranceBugis women.

• Dance pajoge 'and Children's Dance Masari; dance is performed by calabai (transvestites), but the type of dance is hard to find even considered extinct.

• Another type of dance is dance Pangayo, dance Passassa, Pa'galung dance, and dance Pabbatte (usually at his Harvest Party).

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